Back to School Series #5: Whats in my School Bag


Preparing for my first day on Tuesday I decided to put together my school bag and share the contents with you today as I dont know about you but there is always something important that I end up forgetting something important so hopefully I wont this time by sharing it with my readers!

The most important thing for me is my pencil case. Inside this I have my essentials ( see my post about this here) which mostly consists of pens, highlighters and post it notes.

To go alongside this I carry my writing materials. This year I have decided to have one notebook for each subject and seeing as I only have 3 of my options on my first day I shall only be lugging around 3. To accompany these I am also plan to take a plastic wallet for each subject for loose handouts. I will also be taking my iPad to type up any essays or homework.

As I shall be walking to and from my bus stop when I start college and as the British weather is so unreliable an umbrella will not be leaving my school bag.

The next thing that shall not be leaving my bag is my emergency kit (post here) as this includes what I consider my beauty and health must haves such as pain killers, lip balm and my nail file!

In addition to this I shall be carrying my calculator ( which I have managed to lose! ), my school planner , a french dictionary, a bottle of water, my packed lunch and my iPod.

Have I missed anything? What do you carry?

Beth xx

P.S The bag is from Accessorize HERE (£35)

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  1. I always used to pack spare headphones, a bit of money like loose change as you never know when you'll need it! Just in a zip pocket so if you forget your purse at least you have something! And a mini comb and pocket mirror!! Good luck on your first day back :)


  2. Love your bag, its really pretty! x

  3. Your notebooks are so pretty, I miss my school days :) I'm now following you xx

  4. I love this post. I start sixth form on thursday and haven't got anything together yet, I mean it's been bought and everything, but there's things I need all over the house. This has reminded me that I need to pack my bag at some point! xo

  5. I love the bag! I start college on Thursday so this is super helpful :) xx

  6. I love this post! I'm not at school anymore, and this post really makes me miss it. School supplies shopping was my favourite thing! Love the bag. :) xx


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