Rediscovered: PanOxyl Spot Treatment


For todays from the archives post I thought I would share with you a product that I have recently rediscovered and re -fallen in love with - PanOxyl.

I originally found this after Sara (SWalkerMakeup) and Gemma (GemsMaquillage) raved about it and after having no luck with the spot treatments I had been using, I turned back to this in hope that it would help.

PanOxyl contains BenzoylPeroxide and works by drying the spot out. PanOxyl advises that you use this once a day, if you do exceed the once a day recommendation you will notice your face getting sufficiently more dry, and that it works the best with a freshly cleansed face.I personally find that this works best left overnight on your skin and on spots that have come to a head. During the use of this you will need to use extra moisturizer, I recommend E45, as it does dry out the area it is used on however if you moisturise and exfoliate you shouldn't get flaky skin in these areas..

This works great for drawing the impurities out of spots and reducing the size and redness but works even better, and is my personal preference for this, at reducing the red marks left under the surface of my skin from having breakouts. This has worked to reduce them in size and reduce the redness of them.

Overall I feel that PanOxyl is a really affordable product that works wonders and if you have a pesky breakout that you want gone quickly then this is the product to go for.

Have you tried PanOxyl?

I have a slight suspicion that this has been/will be discontinued however it is worth asking over the counter at Tesco or Boots to see if they still have this available. They also do a 5% and 10%. I paid around £3 for this so if you do find it, it is a great buy!

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