Monday Monthly Summary: March 2013


Prior to writing this months summary I thought that March had been rather a dull month but I have come to realise that I have done quite a lot this month, though don't have many photos to share unfortunately!

This Month I ...

Got my January Exam Results: After all of the suspense and anticipation of my results I found out that I got a B in History and an A* in Science. I was extremely happy with my Science grade after being so close to an A* last year but slightly disheartened with my History grade after getting two A*s previously, that being said I have signed up for my resit and shall be practising my essays in time for May!

Saw Olly Murs!: This for me was the highlight of my month. I had only ever been to watch Robbie in concert before watching Olly and I am afraid to say that Olly topped it for me! I spent the whole 2 hours on my feet dancing and singing then singing for the hour journey home. If you get the oppurtunity to get tickets I highly urge you to sweep them up!

Did my final French Speaking: For those who have done GCSE French you may know that you have to do speaking assessments. After my hard preparation I was happy to find out that I got an A* which means no more French resits for me! This is such a relief as it means that there is less pressure for the summer exams.

Competed in two competitions with my Orchestra: I am a member of a local wind band/orchestra and this month we competed in two events, coming runners up both times. For those that don't know I play the flute.

Completed Lent: For me I gave up Chocolate and Beauty Buying. After scoffing a whole lot of chocolate this morning I really don't know how I coped! As for Beauty Buying, I realised that I actually haven't purchased any beauty product since the very start of Janaury which is almost 90 ish days! I am very proud of this but am definitely overdue a Boots splurge!

Had my Nails done: I, for the first time, was lucky enough to have my nails done by a family friend who owns a beauticians (you can see her website here)who did a lovely file and polish. She used Jessica nail polish and I am very impressed so far it has lasted 4 days without chipping and looks very glossy ( I would never be able to paint my nails this well and the photograph does not do it justice!). I actually think I need to invest in the Jessica top coat! I would highly recommend her if you live near Cheshire (Shade is Ruby Empress)

Those were my highlights from March! What have you been up to?

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  1. Your nails look lovely and well done for your exam results! xxx


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