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A little while ago I delved into the beauty section at Waitrose to investigate their Pure range. With a 1/3 off price promotion, and being able to claim partner discount on top, I decided to pop a couple of their products into my shopping basket to see what the range had to offer. I'll admit that I bought each of these three products on a whim and hadn't read any reviews on the range so had no idea what to expect, nevertheless, I've given them a go and want to share my thoughts.

When buying this, the cleanser came packaged in a box with a muslin cloth which, for the bargain of £3.33 that I purchased this at, was an added perk. The cleanser itself is an gel to oil consistency but with a grainy texture. One thing I can praise this for is that it works excellently at removing make-up, melting away even the toughest of eye makeup and mascara and not irritating your eyes. The natural cotton seed oil extracts mean that it is super gentle on the skin, and the sand-like grains make for a light exfoliation. The downfall of this cleanser, however, is the layer of moisture that is left behind on your skin after using it, meaning that the residue can be difficult to remove unless a different flannel and cleanser is used. The scent of this, despite being fragrance free, is also something that I'm not keen on. Because of this, I wouldn't reach to repurchase this.

This oil is gentle on the skin and unscented. Packaged in a glass bottle, complete with handy pipette, this is quick and convenient to use. I do find that this takes a little time to sink into the skin so opt to use this in the evening, an hour or so before bed, as otherwise it is greasy on the skin. As a result of using this, however, my skin is left soft and nourished and this soothes any irritation or dryness I have.

I'd never seen a product like this before, so it was more intrigue, than the need for exfoliation, that I bought this. Made with waterlily to help soothe and calm sensitive skin, I use this micro exfoliant as a way to exfoliate and soften my skin, after it has been cleansed, and not as a way to remove makeup or cleanse as others may use this. 

After sprinkling this product onto your hands and mixing with water, this works to create a soft lather, without the bubbles, to gently cleanse and exfoliate. The perk of using this over other manual exfoliators is that you aren't left with a tight and aggravated face, but can choose how much water you add to determine how strong of an exfoliator you are after meaning that the exfoliation can be mild enough to used everyday, and even mixed with other liquid cleansers if you'd prefer.

Overall I feel that the Pure range from Waitrose is definitely worth a look at, if only to trial the exfoliating powder, which is the first budget micro exfoliant that I have seen.

Have you tried anything from the Waitrose Pure skincare line? Let me know below.

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