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I am fully aware I am late to the 'new year' aspect of this blogpost as technically we are now almost a month into 2018, however, clean starts can start whenever you want them to and, for me, a new semester at uni is a good enough clean start as any. I’m the biggest skeptic of your cliché resolutions; 'go to the gym every day', 'lose a stone', 'drink less' but the reality is - I hate the gym, I love food and I love wine. That said, I still want to give myself some goals and plans to focus on and work towards and if I do manage to at least achieve some of them, I'll feel accomplished. If not, there's always next year!

Today I want to give you an insight into some of my 2018 goals, namely for me to remember them a couple of months down the line, but also so that some of you can get inspired to restart working on your resolutions now that the worst month of the year is nearly over...

Health and Fitness
Probably the most cliché of all new years resolutions are those related to health  and fitness. For me I can break this down further into six subcategories:

Running: At the end of last year I started to slack on my running routine to allow time to complete my uni assignments. This term I want to block off my time to allow myself to make running a regular thing, even if it means running to training, to try and run at least twice a week. Distance wise, there was a period where I could run 3 miles / 5km fairly comfortably so I hope that I can get back to that level in 2018.

Walking: Since getting my FitBit I've become more aware of how few steps I do on a regular, non-working, day. To rectify this, as the weather will hopefully start to pick up and the days will start drawing out, I hope to be organised enough to walk the 3 miles to and from uni in order to get my steps in and to get some fresh air and exercise. Saving myself the £10 a week on bus tickets will also go a long way with my ££ saving efforts.

Rowing: This semester I want to continue working on my rowing, on and off the water, and take part in our clubs fundraising ergathon.

Diet: Not going on a diet per sé but simply becoming more conscious of the foods I'm eating, trying to eat more greens and cutting down my Kinder Bueno intake.

Drink: Another cliché resolution but simply aiming to drink more water to reap its many benefits.

Sleep: Since getting my FitBit I've become a little too obsessive with tracking my sleep. This year I want to try and aim to get to sleep before 11pm and awake by 8am in hope that a regular sleeping schedule with allow me to feel more refreshed and be generally more productive.
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Aside from the health and fitness goals, I've many more random resolutions to work towards, relating to uni, blogging, beauty and finances:

Live in the present: After watching a very interesting TedTalk recently about how much time we spend/waste/pass on our phones and miss out on what is going on around us, I want to focus more of my energy actively putting my phone down and living in the present, restricting my phone time to when I'm alone and away from social scenarios. 

Blog again: Last year I lost my mojo for my blog and months would pass between posts. This year I want to use the time I'd waste mindlessly scrolling through Snapchat and Instagram to write content, even if its fifteen minutes a day, in hope that writing little bits of content on a more regular basis will lead to a more regular blogpost schedule - here's hoping!

Photography: I always feel that I am wasting the endless capabilities of my SLR camera so next month I hope to take part in my uni's photography societies course on how to use your slr in hope that I can start using my camera to its full potential.

Save: I'm fairly good at being frugal with my money and avoiding shopping sprees, despite being a stones throw away from the bullring shopping centre. That said, I want to start making regular payments to my savings account to put towards my summer holiday, where this year I hope to go to Italy, and try to remain careful of where I'm pouring my money away ( such as milkshake orders and Uber fares). 

Streamline my life: Since reading Sarah Knight's 'Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck', I've become more of the mindset of simple is best. With that, I hope to be able to streamline certain aspects of my life, whether it be my Facebook feed, my many email inboxes or more simply, my wardrobe. With this, I also hope to continue my project pan and one in one out policy with my beauty and make-up stash and switch up my makeup bag more frequently in order to get the best use of my make-up collection. 

Visit 3 New Places: Last year I was fortunate enough to visit a continent I'd never visited before. Although this year I don't expect to travel as far as China, I would like to set myself the goal of visiting 3 new places, even if they're all in the UK.

So those are my resolutions for the year. What goals have you set yourself for 2018?

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