An Ode to Autumn.


Recently I have come to realise how much I love autumn. The leaves off the trees crunching under your feet, cosey nights in watching TV- I'm a celeb definitely symbolising this for me, I blummin' love Ant and Dec! 

Despite the long dark nights, I love the chance to bundle up in thick scarves and an added bobble hat, alternating your warm winter coats and of course wearing winter boots, something I am still in need of for this season. Autumn is homely and this year , so far, fairly mild.  Lighting your cinnamon scented candles and sitting in front of a log fire, watching the fireworks outside from the comfort of your own living room while your soup warms on the AGA. For me, the ceremonious 'AGA switch-on' is enough to symbolise Autumn at home for me.So while you're sat indoors, the rain pattering on your rooftop and you're wishing it was Summer again, remember my ode to Autumn- It's not that bad after all.

Beth X  

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