Review: Sleek Contour Kit


I'll admit, MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle shall always have a place in my heart, however,  when I spotted a shiny new Sleek stand in Boots I couldn't say no to this contour kit that has always been on my wish list and much hyped about.

The first thing I noticed about the highlighter, compared to Soft and Gentle, was that it is much more wearable but nevertheless leaves a lovely pink sheen to your cheeks that blends out effortlessly with a combination of my MAC 109 and 168 brushes.

The contour shade is initially equally as impressive. The colour is a perfect suede brown that doesn't look orange on my cheeks and has a great colour pay off but equally, when applied with a light hand, works great if you want to opt for something more natural. That being said, I have found myself neglecting this shade in my collection as unfortunately this has a tendency to look stripy on my cheeks. For me, it is difficult to blend this as the balance between a light hand and actually wanting to have colour pay-off to contour is rather difficult without my cheeks looking muddy and patchy.

At £5.49 is an absolute steal however following the easy break of the compact, the risk of looking like a zebra  and the lasting power being somewhat something to be desired, I won't be repurchasing as for my pasty complexion, this doesn't help me to bronze, nor contour and I shall be glad to use this up.

Have you tried Sleek? 

Beth x

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