No7 Under Eye Corrector*/ Best Concealer Primer


£13.50 - Link

With the word corrector in its name I was expecting a purple or peach coloured product however to my surprise this was a medium-tan colour that initially scared me as I have such porcelain skin. The consistency also surprised me as by squeezing the tube, you are presented with a thick cream- gel liquid. The silver balls and flexible tube makes this convenient to apply under the eyes and cooling on the skin however I found that this cannot be applied with the applicator alone and requires a brush or finger to blend it.

I was rather underwhelmed by how much this actually corrects your dark circles but nevertheless I have loved using this as an under eye primer as it provides a light smooth base that for me has prevented my concealer for creasing and helps prolong the wear.

For me this is marketed incorrectly as for me I dislike it's lack of correcting properties but love it as a primer for my concealer. If it's a corrector you are after I'd look elsewhere however for a primer I shall continue to reach for this.

Beth x

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  1. I wonder how this stands against the Smashbox version?!



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