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Warning: This review contains mentioning of feet but no photographs!

Around this time last year I received a product that I had never seen advertised or anything remotely like it before so was very excited to try it! As we are getting into flip flop weather now I thought I would FINALLY get around to sharing such a product with you. Apologies for the multiple mentions of feet as I know many are foot squeamish but I want to share the perfect solution for feet that aren't flip flop ready just yet! I will also say, unfortunately I don't have any photographs of my own ( unless I find some from last year) so have substituted photos with stock photos, apologies for that!

"Footner Exfoliating Socks gives you baby-soft feet after 1 application. Reduces calluses and cracked heels with one application. Removes unwanted dead skin from your feet. No cutting, no scrubbing, No pain .Easy to use."

When I first saw these I was intrigued as I have never seen anything like them. You put these socks on for an hour and then for the week or so to follow the skin on your feet will peel to remove new and soft skin.To use these I first washed my feet and then coated the tops of my feet in Vaseline to prevent the upper part of my foot from peeling. I then cut the tops of the socks, put them on and put my own ‘regular’ socks over the top. The instructions do suggest that you use the adhesive to better secure the socks however the adhesive didn’t work for me.

When wearing them, the socks feel rather unusual, they feel cold and as if you are walking with water in your shoes. I definitely advise you to put these on when you won’t want to be walking about – perhaps whilst catching up on your youtube subscriptions or reading blogposts. 

After 5 -7 days I noticed the skin on my feet start to peel. After this period, for about a week, my feet shed and peeled, especially after a shower, and I found myself hiding my feet in socks as I was rather embarrassed for how unattractive my feet now were. The instructions do advise not to peel the skin at this stage, I must admit it was rather tempting to hurry this stage along.

After the skin had peeled off I found that the majority of the skin on my feet wasn’t hard but very soft and smooth with only small concentrated parts that are hard and rough, overall in much better condition that they were before. I have never felt my feet so soft before, the improvement was amazing! I also found that a small veruca ( sorry for TMI but surely everyone has them at some point in their lives?) that I had spent years trying to remove was gone! If I wasn’t going to buy these socks again to improve the skin on my feet I would buy them for the miracle veruca remove that they are.

These overall are a great concept that, although they are expensive, I feel is a more effective way to improve the condition of your feet that you would only need to repeat a handful of times a year. Like I said, I used these last summer and found that the results lasting through the length of my summer break and I had soft feet unlike anything else I had tried before. I have used S&G heel genius and various foot exfoliators since but nothing compares to the results I had with these last year. I definitely need to get around to buying these again this year!

£19.99 - Boots ( Currently Buy One Get one Half Price)

Have you tried these?

*As you read this I shall be on a sun lounger in sunny Portugal so shall not be able to respond straight away but please feel free to comment below and I shall reply in due course!*

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  1. These sound good especially for before a holiday but i'm not too sure on the price range, but worth a try if they work well xx

  2. I can't wait to try these! They seem pretty fool proof too!


  3. Ahhh I really want to try something like this! Sounds interesting :)


  4. These look so good, I really want to try them now to get perfect summer feet! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 


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