Monday Monthly Summary: July 2013 - Blogger Meetups, Weddings, Bridesmaids, Birthdays and more...


July has been a fabulous month and I can't wait to share it all with you! It all started for me on the 7th July (check!!!) when I conquered my fears and took myself off with my good friend Molly to 2022NQ in Manchester to the #fabbbloggersmanc meetup. Organised by Ray and Tor I had a great day chatting with other blogging girlies and getting to hear about great brands such as Tinned Bananas and Lavish Alice. It was really great chatting to others with the same passion and I hope to go to more meetups in the future! - I blogged about this HERE - The same day I went to another of my close friends 16th birthday party at her house which was a great night and one I hope to  have another of soon!

This great day was followed by a trip to Chester where I played as part of my Orchestra and then followed this by a cheeky trip to the shops where we picked up some last bits before our holiday.

The Tuesday after this was even more exciting, at 3am we jumped into our taxi with suitcases in tow off to Manchester airport where a cheeky duty free purchase was made and we flew off to Faro.  We stayed in a lovely 4 Star Hotel in the Algarve where I spent the week sipping cocktails and lounging around by the pool with a few trips to the beach in between and meeting up with friends who were there too. - I blogged about this HERE

Although we were sad to return home a week later, Wednesday marked the start of my working career  as I started my new job! I have always wanted a part time job so was so excited to start and as everybody there is so lovely it makes work so much more enjoyable.

Following my holiday marked the 10 day countdown to my cousins wedding, of which I was to be a bridesmaid, so as last minute preparations were made, the day seemed to fly here. The wedding day seemed to be a great success and it seemed that all of the hard work and preparation had payed off. On the day itself I did my own make up but had my hair done proffessionally which was a great relief as I am useless ith hair! If you are interested in what makeup I wore then let me know and I shall make a blogpost!

Amongst this was my sisters 14th birthday so we celebrated by going to an amazing Italian restaurant and getting our nails done. We also went to watch Monsters Inc University at the cinema where I ate the most delicious Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream, Raspberry Brownie I am craving you right now! 

And of course I am not to forget about my Top 5 Blogposts of this month
#1 Footner Exfoliating Socks Review
>>An amazing alternative to foot scrubs and a great way to get your feet ready for summer
>>A great way of removing your makeup and at a great price
>>A few beauty purchases made for my prom and in prepaation for my couins wedding
>>My current favourite way to keep my makeup in place
>> Photos and chatter about the FABBulous FABB meet up 

Thats July! What have you been doing throughout July? Let me know!

Beth xxx 

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  1. Thes photos are lovely :) the fabb event looks brilliant! Xxx


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