Not a rave review #4: Head and Shoulders Sensitive Scalp Care Review


As many of you may know my scalp is very temperamental. I have tried Herbal Essences, Timotei, Dove, and many more and only T-Gel seems to not irritate my scalp.

Head and Shoulders is another demon brand that does not agree with my scalp. Cue: Head and Shoulders Sensitive Scalp Care.

This like many of my other failure shampoos irritates my scalp like crazy. It says anti dandruff or dandruff control - my hair prior to being washed can be dandruff free, I go to dry it and find flake after flake. It is not pleasant. As well as this I find my head really itchy and generally irritated.

Overall I feel that , like the other Head and Shoulders range, this should be left on the shelf unless you like to work the flaky scalp look.


What do you recommend for sensitive scalps?

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  1. I have the same issue as you, although I have a condition that means I get sores as well and I have found the Pureology range really good for my scalp. x

  2. When I used Head and Shoulders, my hair turned into straw. I'll never use it again, so thanks for confirming.
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  3. I cant stand head and shoulders, it mad my hair so horrible and dry!

    Beth x

  4. Head and Shoulders really should be sued for being misleading - they use harsh sulphates which actually make the majority of people's scalps worse! x


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