June Beauty Empties - Better late than never..


This month (June), like previous, I have managed to use up another 10 items - hoorah! Is it just me who feels satisfied when an item runs out?

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub I personally wasn't keen on this. It was far too harsh for use on my lips and actually made my lips worse. I will not be repurchasing Lush Snow Fairy You may have seen this on my most recent favourites post. I love it. Will definately be repurchasing. Aussi 3 Minute Miracle This product is always hyped about. It smelled great, left my ends really smooth however didn't seem to do anything to split ends. Would repurchase as a hair conditioner but not as a split end treatment. Boots Cleansing Lotion I have just done a review on this. It removed makeup well however didn't seem to do anything for my skin. Probably won't repurchase.Garnier Deodorant I love this range of deodorants. They all seem equally great and I will continue to repurchase deodorants from this range Collection 2000 Pressed Powder .I am unsure about this product. I love it then I hate it. Its the only powder from the drugstore that seems to match my skintone however can sometimes feel greasy Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly This can be very messy to use however creates a great lather and smells great. I would repurchase. Derma v10 Body Butter I love this body butter range. For 89p or so a tub ( of larger size than shown) These are great value, smell great and are very moisturising. Beautuk Eyes Quad  I used this for my face instead of my eyes because I didn't feel that the colours complimented well. It worked as a bronzer but prefer other products. Would not repurchase.Vaseline Rose and Almond Oil Rosy Lips Although I still prefer the original vaseline, this works great to moisturise your lips and give them a natural tint. I would repurchase.

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  1. great post! I love beauty UK products :) and i also love aussie!


  2. Great post. I cn see the Vaseline lip therapy was well used

  3. Wow, I think you're the first person i know of to finish a vaseline tin aha! I've got hundreds of half used ones around my house.
    A good post!!x

  4. That Vaseline tin looks well loved! :) My superdrug tin is in a similar state haha! Great blog, I found you on the blog hop :)



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