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Hello all! It does seem that lately I have been neglecting my blog and I blame my exams for that! I have 3 GCSE's left to do this term and after that I will have free time back again to blog.Enough of that... onto the favourites.

AMIE Morning Dew Matte-finish Moisturiser - £4.95

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted to review a couple of AMIE Skincare items and this moisturiser is one of them. I won't go into depth because I'm planning to dedicate a whole blogpost to it, however I will say that this is my favourite out of the products that they have sent me and that is my go-to summer moisturiser that I am considering a repurchase.

Garnier BB Cream - £9.99

Lately I have become much more confident with my skin and have replaced wearing foundation for a BB cream. This is the only BB Cream I have ever tried and I love it. I love how moisturising it is and the overall finish that it gives. 

MAC Pearl Cream Colour Base

I love this highlight so much. It applies easily, blends easily and is just perfect for the summer time as it leaves your skin looking glowy. 

A Review should be to come

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

A product that is worth the hype. It covers, it lasts, it doesn't dry out your eyes - Brilliant.

Beauty UK Eyes

This is sold as an eyeshadow yet the colours were far too dark/orangey for eyeshadows so I decided i'd get use out of it as a bronzer ( thats alright -right?). This worked great throughout may when the weather was rather nice and gave me a 'summer glow'. Not the best bronzer ever, probably wouldn't repurchase but loved the bronze sheen it gave to my face.

Derma V10 (Mango) Body Butter

I recieved a set of 3 50ml tubs of this and I love them all.They smell amazing and work wonders - they've even smoothed and moisturised the back of my arms that always seemed rough and dry. No other body butter has done this before. I love them all. They all seem to last on the skin as well. Will definitely be looking out for these in the future.

Those are my May favourites, What are yours?

Leave your links below x

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