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A while back, in January (apologies for such a late review!), I was given the opportunity to try out ProActiv which always seems to be hyped about. 4 months on and I have finally gotten round to sharing my thoughts - from when I was using these as my only skincare routine and recently.

Views in January/February

The Cleanser – 
Upon first using this skin care system (using the Renewing cleanser) I became very much aware of how harsh it was on my skin and how much it was irritating it – it was definitely not gentle. When I apply it to my skin it feels very tingly, much like a sting. The “tiny beads” are scratchy on the skin and had caused my skin to turn very flushed and it felt sore. I think this was because I had really buffed in the cleanser all over my face, when you really only need to dab it onto the skin and leave it. Upon using this for a second time, the night after, I only applied it to my forehead, which was less irritating to my skin but still felt tingly on the skin, deterring me to keeping this on my face for too long. Though I do find that after using the cleanser, my skin is left very smooth.

The Toner – 

This again, is definitely not as gentle as it claimed. When I first used this it felt very irritating on   the skin as I rubbed it too much on the skin however when dabbing this instead – it is less harsh. I also found that the more I have used this, the less irritating it is on my skin.

I often, when I’m feeling lazy or my skin is irritated, will skip the cleanser and just use this. It removes my make-up easily and is refreshing on the skin.It does leave a residue on the skin after using it, so you may feel the need to blot your face with a towel/tissue.

Repairing Treatment - 

This lotion follows after the toner to defend against breakouts.  I am not certain if this is supposed to act as a moisturiser or not but I use it as a spot treatment, that I apply all over my face, either before or after moisturiser. It is a thin cream that is easily rubbed into the skin and dries to a matte finish, making it easy to apply makeup on top.


Although I did finish the toner months ago, I still reach for the renewing cleanser but as a every-few-days exfoliator whilst in the bath and I love the results - my skin feels so soft and smooth afterwards and my skin feels refreshed. 

General Overview

ProActiv advises to use this system twice daily but I never did this as it was far too harsh on my skin. Instead, in January/February, I tended just to use this system once daily or every few days.

When using this  I saw a visible difference in my skin using this routine but my skin got significantly worse when I first started using this, breaking out in unusual places with large spots ( I have read that the cleanser does this, to clear the skin and then prevents breakouts in the future). Fortunately, after weeks of persevering, these went yet I didn't feel that my skin was any better than it was before using this system.II still have spots under the surface of my skin and I still get breakouts.

I have also found that this system made my skin more dry leading to a requirement of more moisturiser, morning and night.

Overall, I can see why people love this because it improves your skin but I do feel that if you want to make more of a significant difference to your skin that you do need to persevere with this otherwise you will be disappointed.

ProActiv works but it isn’t a very pleasant system to use and I would much prefer the system to be sold separately as I feel that £40 is extravagant for the whole set but I would perhaps consider repurchasing the cleanser separately.

Hope that is helpful - Let me know of any questions!

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