Deodorants that aren't worth a sniff at..


(Apologies for dodgy lighting and perhaps corny title)

Deodorants are something that (I hope) almost everybody has used in their life time and are part of someones day to day routine.

I personally use deodorant on a daily basis and soon get through cans of the stuff. Upon doing so, I have found 3 deodorants ( and many more that I can't remember from the top of my head) that were a waste of money and didn't cut it for me.

Without being too graphic, I need a deodorant that will keep sweat at bay and keep me smelling fresh. All of  the above do not do this. I can spray these and within 10-15 minutes I feel sweaty and a bit gross. I can smell these but I wouldn't say these are overly pleasant smelling either. I also find that I can spray these and have white marks under my arms. The TESCO deodorant is horrendous for this, you might as well have sprayed cheapy dry shampoo under your arms that is white and dusty and impossible to rub in.

To conclude - don't go wasting your money on these, in my opinion they do not cut the mustard ( and I only sweat like any other average person) and may leave you sweating more than you would without a deodorant!


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  1. i was just talking about this today with my sister and also why would you want 48 hour deodorant?is that not a bit long to go without deo? soft and gentle and dove r defo the best ones :) good post! x


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