Bourjois 1 Second Volume Mascara* Review - (Before and After Pics)


£9.99 / Boots
I'm never really one to get excited over new Mascaras as it takes months for me to get through a tube however  I was intrigued to try Bourjois new addition that claims to give you '1 second' volume after the recent hype in the blog-o-sphere.

For me, the summer allows me to fully test a mascara as I suffer from severe hayfever, runny eyes and persistent sneezing. Because of this, I jumped at the chance to try out Bourjois latest number and share the outcome with you guys as I knew I'd really be able to put it through its paces!
BEFORE - Bare Lashes
AFTER - 2 Coats of Mascara
The mascara is packaged in a silver tube with coral accents of which a very large plastic barrel brush is contained. If you look carefully at the brush there are small plastic balls among the bristles said to 'wrap every lash' and the straight bristles to create clump-free definition.
Where I do feel that 1 second volume is a little optimistic for me without ending up with mascara all over my face, it is very easy and quick to create my desired result (photographed), only requiring 2 coats to fully coat and volumise my lashes and when doing so, doesn't clog or clump my lashes!
 This also looks good after 1 coat however produces a much more natural finish this way so it is totally dependent on the look that you go for. It is also worth mentioning that the results photographed are without eyelash curlers.
My only downfall with this is that the does smudge on the edges of lower lash line, even when only wearing mascara on my top lashes day-to-day, so hasn't passed my hayfever test. That being said, I haven't yet found a mascara to withstand my hayfever symptoms this season so I don't blame the mascara for this. In saying this, I am sure that the waterproof version would be much longer lasting so if you want to prevent this happening, then perhaps try the latter.
This mascara is priced at £9.99 which seems to be the average for high street mascaras nowadays but hasn't yet started to dry out despite trialling for a month or so already. It also is very convenient to remove with my normal removal method, micellar water and coconut oil, and you won't wake up with Panda eyes the next day.
Have you tried Bourjois latest Mascara addition?
Beth x

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  1. Ooh I have and absolutely love this mascara and also plan on reviewing it soon once I've had more practice with it! Great review. I just reviewed Makeup Revolution's mascara on my blog recently...great if you're looking for a budget's only £2! Danielle x

    frontière girl


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