Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Effects*


When I first got my hands on the NEW nail trend, back in November!, I was intrigued to find out what was involved ...

Unfortunately my intrigue turned to disappointment as what was meant to be 2 coats to get matte nails turned into a mixture of glossy turned matte nails with sand like bumps that were hard to apply evenly and instead turned into your nails looking like grit and sandpaper - instead of having 'the edge'.

What was even more disappointing with this was the fact that I had expected, due to the nail polish being thicker and taking much longer to dry, that the nail polish would last significantly longer than other polishes on the market.  I found, however, chips on my nails the next day and I had no choice but to remove it. 

 This leads me onto another complaint; this was a ball ache to remove. This took me 6 cotton pads to remove the majority and I was still left with grit on my nails. This, of course, could be made easier by using a product like the Bourjois pots but still is a ridiculous amount of time to take off nail polish and puts me off using it.

Overall I haven't been left impressed with this 'new trend' and I shall not be using this again on my fingers .That being said, this works sufficiently for my toes as it lasts fractionally longer than my fingers and won’t be completely neglected.

 Beth xx

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  1. This nail trend never really interested me that much, I'm more of a glossy nails person! Appreciate the review and how truthful you are :-)

    Megan -


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