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A while ago I drafted a guest post of My Top 10 Beauty Products and seeing as it has been gathering dust in my blogger drafts I thought I would share them with you today, especially as I have managed to use up a few of these since writing!

Without further ado...

Mac Face and Body

Finding it hard enough to pick 10, I thought that I would share my products in no particular order - starting with Mac Face and Body. For those who are frequent watchers of youtube and who watch the PixiWoo girls, you may have seen this little beauty pop up in most tutorials. For me this is my favourite foundation ( apart from Garnier Oil Free BB Cream which I have run out of room in this post for!) as it provides light but build-able coverage with a natural/ dewy finish that doesn't look like you are caked in makeup and that wears on the skin perfectly. It also comes in  a wide range of shades and can be used on the legs too! One of Macs cheaper/est foundations and the best out of 3 I've tried! 

Mac Bare Study Paint Pot

This, too, is another youtube enabled purchase however I cant remember from whom this was recommended. Regardless, I love this product. Although it does sometimes crease, for the most part this is a long lasting creamy eye base that I use alone or under my eyeshadows that is a beautiful champagne gold shade. It also lasts for ages in the pot ( Ive had mine 18 months and use it most days!)

Mac Soft and Gentle MSF

Another MAC product I hear you cry!? Afraid so but all for good reason! I think this is probably my favourite product from Mac, its beautiful! It is finely milled and gives a beautiful bronze/ highlight to your cheek bones with the smallest amount. It can look natural with a light hand or built up by using water on your brush. I have also loved using it as an eyeshadow too. I urge you all to swatch it!

MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist Setting Spray

Switching to one of my budget favourites, the MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist. This was the first setting spray I tried and I havent switched since. Claiming to set your makeup for 8 hours I really think that this helps keep your makeup as it was when it was applied and wear so much better throughout the day. Also, if like me, you have had trouble with Mac eyeshadows creasing, try spraying this onto your eyes after using them and you will hopefully see a difference like I did.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

This is a product heavily featured on my blog and for good reason. This is my go to powder and does an excellent job at setting your makeup, helping it to last all day and to stop your face from looking shiny. Even better, its only £3.99 and it doesnt go cakey like other cheap powders.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick

I first tried a Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick after seeing Zoe (Zoella) wear the 107 shade in her videos and it called out to me. As soon as I tried it, the shade was from the matte range in the red packaging, I was not disappointed. The colour applies creamy, has a pleasant scent and despite being matte is not drying but long lasting amazing for the fiver it costs!

Collection Concealer

The next honourable mention is to my collection concealer. I understand every blogger and their dog talks of it but I really do love it! I often reach for it instead of my Mac concealers as I can rely on the coverage and the lasting power and the price is excellent too!

Naked 2 Palette

Since receiving this as a grateful gift from my Auntie, this has been my go to palette and I cant believe I had never caved before. The eyeshadows are creamy and pigmented, long lasting and the colours compliment each other really well so is a versatile palette for daytime and for nights out. This product is well worth the investment as I get lots of use out of it and haven't found any other eyeshadows as good quality as these.

Urban Decay Lip Junkie

This lipgloss came free with the palette and if it didn't I would have never found my favourite lipgloss. I will be honest and say that the lipgloss will get your hair caught on your lips if there is a gust of wind however its taste and natural colour, and lasting power makes for an excellent lip gloss.

Barbara Daily Blusher - 02 Dusk

Last but not least is a recent discovery of mine. Barbara Daily is a brand sold in Tesco that I have hardly heard spoken about but when I recently found this in a drawer and gave it a try I was very impressed. It has great pigmentation but isnt too much so. It is soft and finely milled and gives a great colour to the cheeks that is easily blended. I also think its a great dupe, colour wise, to my Nars Zen Blusher but I much prefer this one as it is much more workable, has equal lasting power and suits my pale skin perfectly.

So those were my Top 10 Makeup Products of the moment. I would love to know what your Top 10 are! Do let me know below!
Beth x

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  1. Great post! I also love those Urban Decay glosses, they're amazing :)


  2. Love the UD eyeshadows, my palette is one of my favourite things too! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. Fabulous post! I really love face & body too! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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