£100 Asos Challenge


 Here is my entry for the £100 ASOS Challenge :. I decided to keep the overall theme simple. First is the dress which retails for £45 on the website. I find that skater dresses are the most flattering for my 'figure' and white/cream is a light 'colour' for the summer. I decided to pair this dress with Black,Gold and Brown. For the shoes I chose these Black Platform Heels (£30)as they contrast with the dress and would go with anything else in your wardrobe. I also thought a black clutch (12) would be a perfect contrast and is also very versatile. I thought that a tan was a perfect colour to compliment the black and white, therefore I picked the tan asos bow belt (£3.50) to spruce up the dress. All together this outfit came to £90.50 - £9.50 to buy a complimentary lippie! 

What outfit could you find for £100? 

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  1. ohhhhhhh I didn't see that dress! how cute!

    Good luck!

    lara @bakemyday87.com xxx

  2. cute outfit.i've joined this challenge too :)
    found you through BBU Blog Hop

  3. Hi Beth! I found your blog through BBU Blog Hop (and followed). I love your posts, just scrolled through and read a bunch of them! If you're interested please check out my blog, http://frowardfashion.blogspot.com

    xx Veronica

  4. The dress is cute, but i wouldn't combinate it with black accessoires :) That belt is lovely too and i love the shoes, so perfect to go with the clutch!
    Hey from the blog hop
    The Amazing World Of J


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