Skincare: My Current Cleansers feat. The Body Shop , Garner, Australian Bodycare, Dr Organic


It appears long overdue that I chat about my current skincare regime, however, I have recently found myself reaching for the same 4 products lately that I want to share with you today.The first being the much raved about Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil. Since I jumped onto the cleansing oil bandwagon when trying the Una Brennan Vitamin C oil, I love reaching for this Body Shop oil as it is gentle on the skin, even if burnt or chapped. I tend to use a couple of pumps of this into my hands and rub it onto my makeup covered face, including my eyes and, albeit messy at times, it will easily melt your makeup before rinsing with a warm flannel. The pump bottle makes it easy to get the right amount of product for your face, but it will pump precariously so be wary when near light bed linen or getting it on your clothes.

The second - the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water -  is a product I featured in my recently repurchased post ( LINK) and is a sure fire way to take your makeup off quickly and easily without stinging or irritating your eyes. Just add to a cotton pad and swoosh all over your face and a couple of cotton pads later you're good to go.

The third cleanser is one I prefer to use in the shower, after removing my makeup, to get a deeper clean and to remove any remaining traces. The Australian Bodycare Company Tea Tree Oil Gentle Cleansing milk, due to its tea tree ingredients, makes it less gentle than the oil and micellar water but more suited toward Oily/ Combination skin types. Nevertheless, this is great if you want a deeper clean without being harsh and stripping due to the lightly exfoliating texture and the tea tree has great anti-bacterial properties so is great to aid breakouts but avoiding the eye area.

The fourth step in my cleansing routine is the Dr Organic Manuka Honey face mask. This is great, especially after a night out or ahead of a big event, as it draws impurities from under the surface of your skin to come to a head. Though this may gross some people out, by doing a few days before an important event, and allowing the spots/ breakouts to calm down, the mask deeply cleans your skin and leaves it feeling less congested.I'll definitely be checking out more from Dr Organic in the future.

What are your current cleansers? Let me know below!

Beth xx

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