My Coconut Island Shower and Bath Gel*


I've always been a fan of Coconut scented products so when Clare got in touch on behalf of treaclemoon, creators of the most amazing scented bath and body products, I of course was going to opt for their bath and shower gel in their  'my coconut island' scent. Admittedly, if you aren't a fan of 'sickly sweet' scents I'd perhaps give this a miss but in my case, I always opt for coconut or sweet scented products for the shower. As this scent is very similar to the likes of the Body Shop Coconut Milk range, I see no reason to pay over the odds when for under £3 you can get a very generously sized 500ml bottle that requires a pea-sized amount in a shower puff to create enough bubbles to turn your shower into a tropical island and smelling good enough to eat. 

Its also worth noting that Treaclemoon are a great ethical brand and have recently partnered with BulliesOut, a charity that supports a vision for all young people to recognise their self-worth and potential. With monthly donations from their proceeds, Treaclemoon have pledged to help raise further funds and also awareness of the charity’s work.

If you are a lover of coconut or sweet scents, I strongly urge you take a trip to Tesco or Waitrose and take a sniff of the scents available as I am sure you won't be disappointed. Treaclemoon also have a coordinating handwash of which will be going straight in my basket next time i'm in the supermarket.

Have you tried any of the Treaclemoon bath and body range? Which scent is your favourite?

Beth xx

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