Happy April everybody! To say that the past few weeks, months have been eventful and an emotional, medical roller coaster would be a mere understatement. With that, my Easter break of what would normally be a fortnight of as much revision, chocolate and productivity as you possibly can imagine instead became a fortnight of medical mystery and a 2 week admission into a nearby specialist Neurology ward to try and suss out what was causing my mysterious behaviour – it was a lot less scary and concerning than it sounds, I promise, however more on that in a later post!

While I have free-time this week, however, I thought I’d finally get some much overdue reviews up on here and show my readers and blog some love – hooray! - so do keep an eye out for the next couple of days for those.

That's all for now folks! 
Beth x

P.S My love for Instagram (BethMayBlogs ) has also become a re-discovered hobby of mine so do leave your links below along with any requests!

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