RAPID Review: No7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow Trio 'In the Navy'*


£9.50 // BOOTS
Having been a fan of No7 single shadows in the past, I was a little underwhelmed with the quality of No7’s offering in the shape of their ‘In the Navy’ trio. Aside from the Navy shade, of which I use sparingly, the pigmentation of the matte light taupe and the shimmery flesh coloured shadow is disappointing and the flesh shade, in particular, is chalky and requires lots of layers in order to get the desired colour pay off. I also found fall down with this shade in particular, which for a more premium brand in Boots was let down. Because of the poor pigmentation, this isn't particularly long lasting when used with or without a primer and so I tend to just use this day to day to blend out my shadows or on my brow bone. In order to get use out of the trio, the taupe shade I have found better use for  when filling in my brows and the navy along my upper lash line. The eye-shadow trio as a whole has been neglected as very rarely do I opt for filling in my brows or navy liner on a day to day basis.

Beth xx 

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