First OOTD: My Year 11 Prom ( + Prom Pictures)


As mentioned a couple of posts ago, last Friday marked the night of my Year 11 prom which meant spending the night with my closest friends and having the chance to dress up and try to look glamorous then party!

I thought that a prom OOTD would be a great post to accompany my prom makeup FOTD so I thought that I would share some Prom photographs with you today and who knows, if this is popular, you may see more OOTDs accompanying FOTDs

As you can see I had an amazing time and loved seeing everybody looking great, it is clear from these photos that my friends looked STUNNING! We all decided to meet up before hand and travel on a double decker bus.

If you are interested my dress is from Quiz, Bag is from Next and Shoes are from New Look. As for the make up, you will have to check out my post HERE and hair I did myself using straighteners and two hair grips, simple!

Please let me know if you enjoy OOTDs or posts full of photos like this as I love taking and sharing photographs! Also, do check out my Instagram (@BethME) for more prom photographs!

Beth x

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  1. You look lovely sweetie! I hope you had a fabulous time, brings back memories of my prom two years ago!:) xxx

  2. You all look amazing, hope you had a great time! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. You look beautiful! I hope you had a fun time :) You've now got my excited for my prom a week on Friday :) xx

  4. You look so pretty I just ahd my year 11 prom a few days ago as well!

  5. beth you look so pretty! love your hair, make up and dress! looks like you had a good time!!xxx

    olivia xxx

  6. Hello, you have a really nice blog!
    Would you like to follow each other? If you do, follow me, leave a comment, and I’ll follow you back :)

    xx Monica
    Makeup And London

  7. Hey there pretty! Now I'm missing my prom ;) Your gown is pretty too!

  8. you looked gorgeous, love your dress!

    Kamila xx

  9. Oh my gosh you looked beautiful! That color is amazing on you :)

  10. aww you look lovely out xx love the blog!!
    i did the same sort of post id love it if you could check it out -


  11. Loovely prom pics darl I had my own prom on friday and was just looking for insparation for my own post that will soon be posting it on my blog. Your prom looks lovely you and your friends look gorgeous and thats such a cool Idea travelling on a double decker bus aha so original apposed to the cliche limo ahah lovely post xox

  12. You looked so beautiful, I love your dress! It was my prom a couple of weeks ago and I did a post on it here ( if you wanted to check it out:)


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