REVIEW: NEW Seventeen (17) On The Spot Foundation (Clearer Skin in 4 Weeks?)*


Seventeen On the Spot Foundation*
All day flawless foundation which covers and helps treat for healthier looking skin. The full coverage formulation gives you confidence as it instantly hides imperfections and helps to treat your skin everyday you wear.

I’d never tried a foundation that claimed to clear your spots, nor had I seen one before, so was intrigued to try this. Seventeen (17) claim that this foundation gives your clearer skin in 4 weeks containing a unique complex with salicylic acid.

I have this foundation in the shade Natural that is far too dark for my porcelain skin however would be best suited to more warm toned tanned skin as it is very yellow toned. Thatbeing said, I have still found it fairly easy to match to my skin when only applying one layer of this as it isn’t too orange.It is also available in 6 shades so you are more than likely to find a shade to cater for you.

One of the first things I noticed about this was the packaging. It is nothing, again, like I have seen before that is very convenient as it is a plastic tube that contains a pump,applying the correct amount of product for each application and allowing you to cut open the product when it is finished.

The coverage of this is said to be full coverage that instantly hides imperfections. Where this does cover redness and evens my skin tone, I wouldn’t say this is full coverage on first application but medium coverage as blemishes are still visible unless you apply another layer or concealer. This is disappointing, especially as it seems to be targeted at those wanting to improve their skin.

I find application quite tricky with this foundation. I tend to apply it with a synthetic brush, which would usually be sufficient, and then have to follow with a sponge or my fingers as the foundation seems to concentrate in certain areas of my  face and require blending.  

This foundation leaves a natural/semi matte finish on the skin that I like to set without a powder and it doesn't look cakey or feel heavy on the skin.

 I find that with powder, the coverage of this foundation will last up to 8 hours,but then starts leaving odd patches on your face that will require touching up,however will start to look shiny at 4-5 hours which then requires additional powder which is annoying.  Another thing I find annoying with this foundation is that it transfers. It will rub off onto your mobile if talking on the phone, onto your hands if you touch your face, or rub off easily when blowing your nose, so be wary. This makes it easy to remove at the end of the day though.

As for clearer skin, this has not done any thing good for my skin in the 2 weeks I have trialled it for but has made it much worse (assuming that it is this). I have found myself with spots in places that I didn’t have them before so this has most likely caused spots and has definitely not prevented them.

Overall, I don’t think tha tI would repurchase this as I find it hard to blend, it goes shiny quite quickly and the ingredients have disagreed with my skin and made them worse. That being said, if you like a dewy finish and don’t frequently have trouble with products breaking you out then this may work better for you.

Have you tried this?

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  1. Thank you for this review! I first heard about this on Boot's YouTube channel and I thought it sounded good. I'll have to test it in-store beforehand (if I decide to buy one that is!) x
    Amy |

  2. a few spelling mistakes beth read it through ;)

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