Top Products for an Itchy Flaky Scalp


I have a fussy scalp. Full stop. For a long time I struggled to find products that didn't irritate my skin and in return I ended up with a scaly scalp and a flaky scalp (dandruff I curse you!).

After struggling with my scalp for months, searching high and low for helpful posts, I took myself to the doctors who diagnosed a couple of products, to work alongside my faithful products, that have been working well to finally sort my scalp out and reduce the scaly-ness and flakes - hallelujah!


I have featured T Gel in the past and prior to my trip to the doctors this shampoo helped to keep my scalp as calm as it could be and to reduce the itching. I use the Sensitive Scalp Variety and the Coal Tar one. These can be found in Boots and Home Bargains.

Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo (available from your Pharmacy)

This, as the doctor advised, I use on a weekly basis to control the scaly-ness. I have noticed a visible difference in my scalp and a little of this lathers up well.

DiproSalic Scalp Application

This was prescribed to me so I don't know if you can find it over the counter however I have been using this at night, probably every other night, applying a small amount to the itchy areas of my scalp and massaging it in. Your hair can look oily with this but that can be controlled by using a tiny bit.

Overall these 3 (4) products have been keeping my scalp calm and overall improving it. If you have been having trouble with your scalp perhaps give these a go or take a trip to your doctors!

Do you struggle with a fickle scalp?

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  1. I used to use these until I realised they made my scalp even more sore! SLS-free haircare is much less harsh and would probably help your scalp without the need for tons of chemicals x

  2. I use the T-gel and love it, it really helps in giving my hair texture for styling as well! xxx

  3. I let out a little 'Oooh' when I saw the title of this. I have a really dry scalp too and i'm currently using tgel :)

  4. Yes, flaky scalps are my winter problems. Thanks for introducing all these wonderful products.
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  5. Thank you so much for posting this!! I have an extremely fussy scalp, it never used to be this bad, it's Summer here but the past 6 months or so it's been a constant problem. I am 31 and wondered if it's not to do with hormones too, but honestly, i appreciate this post so much!!!


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