Not a rave review #2: Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish* Review 120 Sequin


Today I have for you my second post in my not a rave review ongoing series, today focussing on Revlons new addition to their nail polish line, the colorstay nail polish. 

Revlon claims that this nail polish provides gel-like shine finish with up to 11 days shine (with a base and top coat).
When painting my nails, the nail polish was relatively easy to apply streak free (supposedly due to the double barrel brush) , although the thicker consistency made it easier to smudge the polish. The polish was also opaque after 1 coat. The thickness also meant it’s supposed to take longer to set than conventional polishes, however I found that 1 coat dried within 5 minutes.
The overall result was very glossy, smooth and gel-like however nothing comparable to gel nails in my opinion.

It is the lasting power of this product which lets it down. Although I skipped base and top coat, I still expected this polish, of which I have in shade 160 sequin, to last much longer than it did. What I also did not like was the colour of this. The metallic finish of the wasn't flattering on my fingers, especially with my skin tone.

I applied this polish on a Thursday night and by the following morning I already noticed wear on the polish at the tips on my nails. By Sunday I was sick of wearing the polish for how chipped it was and how easily the polish would peel off my nails. When I finally came to remove the polish I found it rather difficult to remove, which ended up leaving flecks of glitter on my nails.

Overall I am quite disappointed with this particular shade of polish and would not recommend, however Revlon do offer 30 shades of this polish which I would hope are of better quality and if you only want your polish to last for a couple of days these polishes may still be for you.

Have you tried Revlon's Colorstay Polish?

£7.99 - Boots

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  1. oh dear! won't trying this in a hurry!

    Just thoughtsI'd let you know I awarded you a Liebster award over on my blog :oD

    Lara @ xxx

  2. I've not tried any yet! The price always put me off, I feel like it's very expensive! Maybe I'm just cheap though!!

    I know to avoid this if I ever venture down the Revlon route!


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