My Makeup Brush Collection : Hits and Misses


[Top to Bottom: Real Techniques Stippling Brush, ELF Powder Brush, Autograph Powder Brush, Natural Beauty Eyeshadow Brush(TKMaxx), MAC 217, Opia (Primark) Kabuki Brush]

Today I thought that I'd share my makeup brush collection with you and show you in more detail my favourites and the brushes that get neglected.

This set me back a bargainous £1.50 from Primark and has lasted me well over a year with very minimal shedding. If I could only have one makeup brush it would possibly be this one. It blends blusher, bronzer, even eyeshadow and also buffs in powder. Such a versatile and incredibly soft brush at a bargain price.

This MAC 217 is much pricier than the previously mentioned brush, around £17, however I do see brushes as an investment and that this has served its price. It tend to use this to apply eyeshadow all over my
lid but also for blending shadows too.

I believe that this brush retails for £8.50 from M&S. Although this retails as a powder brush I use this less so for that and more for blush/bronzer. Unfortunately this does shed, but I forgive it for that for its great ability to apply highlight/bronzer/blusher.

This brush I have owned for 18 months now and has only just started shedding. I love this as,again, it is extremely versatile - I can use this for my foundation, concealer, blusher - the list goes on. Its affordable, it hardly takes any time to apply foundation and is just a great face brush.

I love this Real Techniques Stippling brush for similar reasons to the elf powder brush, however this is less dense and I am able to use this for cream blush and highlight which I can't with my elf powder brush. An added bonus - this hasn't yet shed!

[Estee Lauder Face Brush, Gosh Foundation Brush, ELF Bronzing,Blushing Blending Brush, Ebay Brushes, Primark Blending Brush, Natural Beauty Contour Brush, Superdrug Eyeshadow Brushes, OPIA (Primark) Blusher Brush]

These brushes I won't go into detail of because these are brushes which I use less frequently. But if you want to know please ask.

These two brushes ( Outdoor Girl Eyeshadow Brush and ELF Fan Brush) are two brushes which are pants. They are scratchy, shed and don't apply makeup well. Ones to leave alone.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know of your favourite makeup brushes and the ones you regret buying!

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  1. What a fab collection! I have a few Models Own brushes and they are fab especially the blending brush.



    Em's Mixed Bag

  2. i have the primark brush and cant believe how good it is for the price! i use the real techniques stippling brush for my foundation, love it! just followed your blog x

  3. I really want to try the Primark Kabuki brush x

  4. Hey I've nominated u for the Liebster award head over to and check out blog post and check out the Liebster award.

  5. I love this post :) I am always wantign to expand my brush range
    great blog, I found you through the blog hop xx

  6. I have the elf Powder Brush and the RT Stipple Brush! Love them!

  7. I despise fan brushes with a passion - they're the one brush I never include in my kit and can comfortably do without! x


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