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With less than a week to go before I head back to school I thought that it would be quite fitting to make a Back to School series to make the return to school that little bit more enjoyable. To kick off my mini series I have decided to take part in the Back to School tag.

1. What grade are you going into? (or what year of college are you going into?) I'm going into Year 11 ( Age 15-16) which I believe is the equivalent to 10th Grade

2. What are you excited and/or nervous for this year? I am excited to be the eldest year in the high school and being able to spend time with my friends. As a year 11 student I will get more privileges such as being able to go out at lunch, which I am excited for. However I am nervous for much more work and exams.

3. What's your favorite part of getting ready for back to school? I love the stationary shopping and being able to get organized.

4. What grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup to school? I believe that it was year 9 when I started 'properly' wearing makeup - foundation,concealer etc.

5. Where or from whom do you like getting inspiration for back to school trends & styles? N/A as I wear a uniform.

6. What are your favorite upcoming "back to school"/fall trends for this year? N/A

7. Where do you like to go shopping for back to school supplies? I tend to shop at Tesco and WHSmith for odd bits.

8. What are your favorite stores to go back to school shopping? If I were to wear a uniform I would say New Look has great things.

9. Will you be carrying a backpack or a purse to school this year? Which do you prefer? I am yet to buy a school bag but I guess it will be an over the shoulder tote/shopper bag.

10. What are 3 non-beauty essentials you HAVE to carry in your backpack/purse? My phone, Pencil Case and School Planner

11. What are 3 beauty essentials that you HAVE to carry in you backpack/purse? Mirror/Hairbrush Compact, Lip Balm and Hair Grips

12. What are your go-to hair products for this year, and what is your go to hair style? Batiste Dry Shampoo and Hair grips/bobbles are a must for me. I tend to just wear my hair down naturally with my hair gripped back.

13. What are your go-to makeup products for this year and what is your go-to makeup look for school? I love my BB creams, concealers and mascara for my fail safe makeup.

14. What are your go-to clothing items for back to school, and what accessories to you plan to rock this year? Unfortunately I can't 'rock' my own clothes.

15. Who do you tag?! I tag Islay ( and Ella ( to do this tag and anybody else who wants to take part.

Have you done the Back to School Tag or a Back to School Series? Let me know and if you any requests leave them along with your link in the comments.


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