NEW Garnier BB Cream for Oily/Combination Skin Oil Free - Review *


Having loved the 'old' BB cream for normal skin, I couldn't wait to try Garnier's latest release - an oil free BB cream for Oily/Combination skin. Now my skin is not in any way classed as 'oily' however I do find in the summer months by the end of the day I can be left with a very oily t-zone.

In comparison to the other BB cream (Normal-dry skin), this BB cream is much more watery and more of a runny liquid. Sometime this can be a pain as the product can run off your hand during application.
The BB cream itself isn’t oily and feels smooth on the skin and doesn’t feel drying. It does claim to leave your face with no shine – it does this ( matte-i-fies the skin) yet still leaves a glow to your skin which looks natural on the skin. The bb cream blends easily into the skin and is easily buildable to provide more coverage,

The colour of this ( light) is quite yellow toned, more suitable for more tanned skin, however does blend into my pink based skin and doesn’t look odd. In doing so this BB cream gives a medium coverage (much more than the previous BB cream) covering redness and under eye circles.
(Left-BB cream for Normal Skin, Right- NEW BB cream)

As for lasting power this bb cream does last longer (probably about 6/7 hours) on an ‘average day’ than Garniers bb cream for normal/dry skin ( on my normal/combination skin) however I do find this fades much faster than a foundation would. On a slightly hotter or more hectic day I do find that this will sweat off after 3-4 hours however my skin wasn’t shiny after this time(coverage had gone). The lasting power of this product however can be improved with a setting powder.When wearing this my skin doesn’t go shiny but stays with a healthy glow.

Overall I much prefer this product to Garniers previous BB cream and think it is a great alternative to foundation in the summer. This is definitely a product I recommend and will be repurchasing.

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  1. I love this post! I want to try this product out and it's really good to read a review such as yours to influence my opinion of the product, thanks dear!

    Visit my blog? :)

  2. I have the previous Garnier BB cream, and I really like it so I am keen to try this! I didn't know they launched a new products so thank you for blogging about it. I will be making a purchase next week! :) xxx

  3. Thanks for the review, I quite like the other BB cream and have been using it everyday. I would like to see how this goes on summer days when my skin is more prone to oilyness.

    x Eve

  4. I have combination/acne prone skin and if i don't exfoliate i get dry flakes and my skin gets this gross buildup of dead cells. The Lady Soma Antioxidant Berry Masque never bothered my skin-it actually feels cool and refreshing to me-which is saying a lot because many face masks make my skin burn like i just slapped Icyhot on it.

    After I use it, my skin gets soft and it removes a lot of dead skin off that i would have had to abrasively scrub off otherwise. No complaints here.

    Just don't get it in your eyebrows. That sucks. You have to wash it out with warm water to get it to dissolve.


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