Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Review - Is it worth the hype?


Liz Earle cleanse and polish is constantly raved and hyped about on blogs and YouTube. If you are yet to try this product, I thought it may be helpful for me to share my views on this cleanser.

This cleanser currently retails at £14.25 ( 100ml starter kit) and can be found at Liz Earle counters in stores such as John Lewis, bought from qvc or liz earles website. This price, I feel is a lot for a cleanser but I do feel for skincare, if the quality is there and it does wonders for your skin, it is worth the investment.

This cleanser is packaged in a cycling tube in liz earles trademark pale blue. The cleanser is of a thick cream consistency which is dispensed by the pump, which makes application very convenient as one pump, or two, is all you need to remove a whole face of makeup.

The cream has a menthol scent that is very refreshing to put on your face, especially if it is sore or warm as it is cooling on the skin.

To use the cleanser you apply it to a dry face, with or without makeup, and massage it in. If you're using it to also remove eye makeup it is best to apply it your eyes last. Then run the muslin cloth, these can be bought alongside the cleanser or separately, under warm water and slowly massage it onto the face which will gently exfoliate the skin.

With dry and sensitive skin I was worried that this exfoliant may be harsh on my skin but it isn't but instead is gentle, even on your eyes.

I find that even when just using this to remove my makeup, without make up wipes or similar removers, it will easily remove a heavy face and eyes makeup , even thick layers of mascara, even with just one pump. Once I have removed my makeup my skin doesn't feel tight,dry or irritated but smooth and refreshed, however I still like to follow with a moisturiser because of my skin type ( dry and sensitive).

This skin type, as far as I'm aware, does not break me out however I don't find it clears the spots that tend to reappear on my forehead either, which to me is what I like to look for in a cleanser - something that effortlessly removes makeup but also prevents breakouts and clears my skin, which is this cleansers downfall.

Although this is an amazing makeup remover, it does not/ has not help clear the skin from spots and breakouts which is why I will not be repurchasing this and don't recommend you to buy this if you want to see an improvement to your skin. However if you want a very effective make up remover, this is perfect.

Have you tried this cleanser?

Beth x

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