Boots Cucumber Eye Makeup Remover Gel Review


 Enriched with soothing cucumber and vitamins, this refreshing gel works to gently remove all traces of make-up around the delicate eye area.”

The consistency of this makeup remover is of a very runny gel, slightly thicker than water. This means that the eye makeup easily spreads onto the cotton pad and then onto your eyes.
The remover contains extract of cucumber however I find this scent unidentifiable and the scent overall very mild and hardly noticeable.

To use this product, I apply a 10 pence size amount ( a little will go a long way)  onto a cotton  pad then hold it onto my eye for 5-10 seconds. This minimizes the need to rub it on my eyes and allows for the best results from this product. In doing this it allows me to then remove thick layers of mascara and even dark colours of eye shadow often with one cotton pad (one for each eye if my eye makeup is heavy) without having to harshly rub and irritate my eyes. The remover itself doesn’t sting your eyes and is perfect for my sensitive skin.

I do find that, as this is a gel, a residue can be left and my eyes feel slightly greasy, however this can be easily blotted and it personally doesn’t bother me as this soon disappears.
Overall, I feel that for £1.42 this is an absolute bargain for 150ml of very good quality eye makeup remover and something I would consider to repurchase.

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