Project 10 Pan - Complete


5 Weeks into my make-up buying ban and I have managed to finish 10 products.

Personally, I feel quite proud.
1. That I haven't bought any make-up for that long
2. That I have actually completed 3 Lipglosses!

I feel great doing this, I most probably undergo another of these shortly.

Products I have completed:

L'oreal True Match Foundation
I love... Cocounut Lip Gloss
Colourworks Lip Gloss
BeautyBabes Lipgloss
Colourworks Eyeshadow Quad
Claires White Eyeshadow Pot
NYC Smooth Skin Face Powder
Estee Lauder Powder
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
Zingy Shower Gel

Most of which I probably would not repurchase.

Are you undergoing a P10P?

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  1. Well done! I really need to follow in your footsteps, my make up buying is becoming silly! X

  2. congrats! you go girl!
    I should start doing the same.
    it's just...make up is so expensive here that i dont want to finish any of my make up products lol
    check out my blog if you got time...

  3. Well done i could probably do with doing this to. I tend to stick to the same make up but buy more lol x

  4. i like this idea and want to try it. well done btw!


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