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I've been feeling rather down recently so when I saw that Sophie Rose had decided to create her own tag - 'bringing out the best in you' - I thought why not!? Something a little different on here but as Sophie said, sharing everything you love about yourself with others is a great way to boost your confidence and hopefully happiness too! 

I encourage everyone who reads this to give this a go!
1. What's your favorite body part, and you have to name at least one! 
My favourite body part is my eyes. For the size of my face, they are quite big and despite having trouble with them since I was born, I love the colour and shape of them.

2. What makes you smile the most during a day?
My family, despite living in a madhouse that is constantly noisy and full of hustle and bustle. Even the little petty arguments make me smile as I am so grateful for being able to see my mum, dad and sister on a daily basis and knowing each other so well that we can have a good laugh about the smallest of things. 

3. What's your proudest achievement? 
At the moment I'd probably say getting an A* in my EPQ dissertation. I set aside a lot of blood time, sweat and tears for my essay on the increasing influence of bloggers today and the fact I could write about a strong passion of mine made it even more worthwhile.

4. What about your personality makes you happy?
I like to think that i'm honest, kind and caring. Perhaps sometimes I think
about what others think a little too and neglect own well being but I'd like to believe that  I'm positive and happy and only ever have others best interests at heart, no matter how naggy I may sound. I don't expect much from others and like the independence to make my own way and earn my own money, not expect to get things handed to me on a plate. I really appreciate the generosity of others and like to think that I'm humble and grounded.

5. What makes you different from the next person?
I talk all the time and love having a laugh with others. I am a complete clutz but never try to let my clumsiness get the better of me! 

Have you asked yourself these questions? Feel free to leave your answers below! 

Beth x

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