Update:New Banner, School life.


You may have notcied that I have made some changes to my blog.  I have changed the banner to my blog to 'Through the eyes of a cosmetic lover'.

I personally wanted a change to start the new academic year and thought that it suited my blog perfectly.
I understand that changing your url as often is more of a hinder than a help so I have kept that the same (lilleymay.blogspot.com).


Like many other students in the UK, I start school tomorrow and I still can't come to terms with getting up early again.

With regards to blog posts; I will aim to blog at least once a week and of course will do my monthly favourites post, all depending on how much time I have.

For anyone going back to school in the next week or so, I wish you luck!! Have a great Sunday


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  1. I like the new header! Have fun at school tomorrow; I go back Tuesday for Upper6th re-enrollment (eep) and properly back on Wednesday! x

  2. I like your header. Have fun at school. x


  3. cute name, hope you have a good day back at school! xox

  4. Loving the new header :)
    It's simple and chic but it's not too professional as it's still cute !! x


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