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I have made 2 other versions of this TAG previous to this and they have been very successful. After recently delving into my collection again I have discovered some additional products that aren't to be repurchases of mine.

As you may have gathered from previous posts I am very clumsy and hate pigments. Over the past couple of years, I don't know what possesed me, I somehow thought that a hot pink pigment would get its uses? No. I don't use pigments anyway and a bright pink like this is so unwearable on your eyes as it makes you look ill.

If any of you know how I could get my use out of this then please tell me. I have seen pigments used with Vaseline as a lip colour or mixed with nail polish but I have never tried these before.

2True Eyeshadow No.14

I bought this for a 'Neon' themed party. It was 'wearable' for that occasion but so hard to wear and work with for a more casual occasion. I never have the reason to wear this.

Primark Blend and Stretch Eyeshadow

With the colour I own, a silver, it is pigmented to touch but the colour pay off onto my hand here (or onto a brush ) is awful. It applies as a sheer grey with glitter. Not something that I reach for and get the use out of. 

Maybelline Superstay Lip Colour

When I swached this on my hand (without the superstay balm) the colour would not budge at all, on my lips however a different story. For one; the colour itself did not blend into the lips and even when my lips were moisturised, this made them look dry. I also found that the balm which is intended to make the colour last longer, dries out your lips making the overall result look worse. I find this too hard to work with to get a final look which I dislike.

Thats all for this post.

What products do you regret buying?


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