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Having tried a few serums and gels to try and get rid of my pesky spots I thought I would share which ones have and haven't worked for me. Unfortunately there is only one product out of these that I would repurchase.

I shall start with the worst.

#1 Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Spot wand.

I definitely expected too much from this product. I don't want to give a bad review but this spot wand made no difference to any of my spots and I feel was a real waste of money. I would hope that other people get better results than me because I feel the idea of the product has great potential.It is designed as two doe-foot applicators that directly apply to the spot, one end suggested for the evening and one for the day time.

For £3.56 it isn't dirt cheap but also isn't expensive. -

I would not recommend this one.

#2 Neutrogena Visibly Clear Rapid Treatment

I bought this on a 2 for £5 offer in boots when individually this product retails for £4.59. This spot treatment did reduce redness as it claimed but spots still took 5-7 days to reduce to a size I was happy with. I find the packaging got fussy once I had used most of it but otherwise was easy to get out of the tube, hygienically. I would recommend this only if there is an offer with Neutrogena products otherwise I find it too pricey for the little that it does.

I would not recommend this product.

#3 Clearasil Ultra Overnight Serum

I bought this at Homebargains for £1 after expecting good things, it is usually £7+ in boots. This is equally average to the Neutrogena serum I tried. The pump on the packaging of this product makes it easier to make they most of the product you have paid for. This treatment does dry out the spot but doesn't seem to visibly reduce redness as much as I'd hope.The difference is minimal.

I would not recommend this product.

#4 Sudocrem - Availible at most supermarkets or drugstores £2.80/125g

This item you wouldn't primarily think of when you think of stop treatments. This is mainly known for use on babys. Its antiseptic properties mean it is great at treating acne. I do find I can use this in the morning under my makeup or as an overnight treatment and there is a difference to my spots. The creamyness and colour of this product also means it can cover the spot well too! It is so affordable as you only need a small amount and the tub contains 125g of product.

Would definitely recommend this

Love LilleyMayx

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