I met my Boyfriend on Tinder


They’re funny things, comfort zones. Back in September, I decided that I would do what I could to escape mine; starting with moving away from home to a new place, a new university and with new people. No comfort zone. No comfort blanket. A decision that would force me to meet new people, try new things and grasp new opportunities. 

Take freshers week for example; I took myself out of my comfort zone and with a group of people from my course that I’d only just met, presented a pitch onstage in front of my fellow freshers. It was daunting, terrifying and nerve-wracking, but I did it. Our group actually won the best pitch and I felt so accomplished for it.

Freshers fair rolled around and I’d promised myself that I’d join a society, so opted for the rowing club. I’ve never really been a natural at anything sporty but seeing as the society was new and most members would be new to the sport too, I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined. This forced me again to mix with new people, visit a new place and take up a completely new sport. I honestly couldn’t imagine my first year without my rowing family now, so much that I’ve decided to run for social secretary for the upcoming year. A step out of my comfort zone that has left me with undoubtedly a lighter bank balance, cherished friends and in slightly better shape.

Dating; I’d always been the single friend and the ‘Bridget Jones’ of my family. ‘You’ll find your Mr Darcy one day’ my mum would console. On a whim, and with little expectation to actually find anyone, I created a tinder account. Tinder has had a bad rep over the years, but I decided I had nothing to lose and that surely a couple of swipes wouldn’t hurt - I’d never expected to match with anybody but I’d stepped out of my ‘single’ comfort zone. Fast forward a couple of months of swiping and I overcame a monumental hurdle in my life, I went on my first ‘first date’. It wasn’t horrendous and unbearably awkward as I had imagined. It actually went well. Although there was ‘no spark’, I was proud of myself for having built up the courage to meet what is fundamentally a total stranger, which surprisingly did wonders for my confidence - so much so, that I arranged a date with somebody else. Somebody who I then met again for successive dates and who I am now in a relationship with. I met my boyfriend on tinder - a gamble that I believe worked totally and unexpectedly in my favour.

Surprisingly, I’ve not solely written this post to talk about what has been going on in my life since I started university back in September, but to promote its underlying message. Comfort zones are funny things, scary things to creep out of, but I can promise you that the risks, the anxiety, the nerves that come with stepping out of your comfort zones reap their rewards. I’ve recently found out that I’ve been accepted on a trip to China, of which I’ll be visiting a new continent, travelling with other students that I’ve never met before and immersing myself in a completely new culture. Admittedly I am petrified at the prospect, but excited at the opportunities I will be offered and the life-long memories that will be made.

If you take anything from my long ramble, please try to step out of your comfort zone. Even if it is as simple as plucking up the courage to talk to someone new or wearing that lipstick you feel is risqué, I promise you’ll not regret it, or at least will take something from the experience. 

When did you last step out of your comfort zone?

Beth xx

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