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January is the chance for everyone to turn a clean slate and set resolutions for the new year. For many people, particularly those studying nursing, January is also the start of a new academic year and for many to start university and move away from home. 

When I moved to study at university in Birmingham back in September, I made it my aim to make my student accommodation room as ‘homely’ as possible. Student halls, upon first moving in, are very bland and lifeless. Today I want to share with you a few pointers to making your uni room as much of a home-from-home as possible. I also wanted to use this blogpost as a keepsake of how I decorated my room for first year as I couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out!

Fairy Lights
Technically speaking, I'm not supposed to have these in halls due to them being a potential fire hazard - oops! That said, fairy lights ( and lamp lights) are great for creating a relaxed ambience in your room and make a pleasant change from the stark and unattractive light fittings provided in your room. My fairy lights were bought from amazon for under a tenner and are attached to the wall using command decorating clips on the walls (HERE) and using drawing pins on my notice board.

Photos of Friends and Family
Before moving away from home, I compiled a collection of some of my favourite photos and had them printed by photobox. Using small decorating pegs ( I bought mine from ebay) , I pegged these photos onto my fairy lights in the style of a washing line. I also have a couple of framed photos sat on my desk and a larger photo collage frame that was gifted to me by my Auntie, Uncle and cousins when I moved in. 

Decor Items from your room at home
I feel like it is really important, when moving away from home, to be surrounded by some of your home comforts. In my case, I took my bedding, throw, scatter cushions and Muji storage from my room at home to make it feel as if I was in my room at home.  

So those were a few pointers to kitting out your student room. I hope that I have given some inspiration to those of you moving into student halls, however, check out TopReveal's  Article if you want some more study room inspiration.

Let me know of your tips below!
Beth x 

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