5 Ways to Deal with Hayfever


At this time of year, pollen and hayfever are the bain of my life. Fortunately, I've found a way to suppress the symptoms and cope with the itchy eyes, sniffly nose and general nuisance of hayfever, hence, I thought I would share my favourite products that help ease the symptoms for fellow sufferers. 

Balsam Tissues - When prepped for hayfever, my tissues of choice without a doubt are balsam tissues as they are gentle on the skin and leave you without a rudolph nose. More often than not, however, you'll find me accompanied by a toilet roll by my side to ensure a constant tissue supply. 

Hayfever Tablets - Tablets, like tissues, are a fairly obvious one but I find that tablets on the market are much of a muchness. Those containing Cetirizine or Loratadine are non-drowsy, unlike Piraton, allowing you carry on with your day-to-day routine. I have found the best value hayfever tablets are those found in Home Bargains or Aldi which work as well as the leading brand.

Prevalin Allergy Nasal Spray - When tablets don't relieve the constant sneezing, I have found Prevalin Nasal Spray a great and effective way to stop the sniffing and sneezing. A little costly I'll admit, but I have found this to be the most effective.

Optrex Itchy Eye Drops - I'd been afraid of using eye drops since my early childhood but when my itchy eyes got too painful, I gave myself no choice and I wouldn't look back. These ease the aggravation that pollen causes to your eyes and makes your eyes less red - winner. 

Sunglasses -When summer hits I'm never without my sunglasses. Whether i'm wearing them on my head or on my eyes, I always rely on having sunglasses close at hand to diguise my red eyes and prevent the pollen getting the better of me.

What are your favourite products for easing your hayfever symptoms?

Beth xxx

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