REVIEW: Rimmel In Shower Self Tan*


I had initial high hopes for this but unfortunately have been unimpressed by the results. Following the directions as stated, and being fairly capable in applying fake tan in the past I had hoped for a streak free tan but unfortunately was left disappointed. The tan, that you apply onto wet skin (with the shower off), is clear in colour so gives you no indication to where you've applied the product or areas you have missed. The tan then takes about 12 hours to develop in which you are left with evidence of streaky dark tan lines alongside white pale skin where the tan hasn't stuck (photographed). Not advisably, a couple of hours after applying the tan I used a body oil on the upper part of my legs which, in essence, removed the tan before it had chance to develop, at which point the biscuity fake tan scent also develops - so if you are to try this tan, definitely avoid moisturisers and oils post application. One thing this does do, remotely like its claims, is moisturise the skin, or at least doesn't dry it out, however after the streaky result I have been left with on first use, I shall stick to lotion to moisturise and other fake tans should I fancy a golden glow.

Have you tried this? Let me know below!

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