ICONEMESIS Cat Sims Feathers iPhone Case Review*


When the lovely Sammy got in touch on behalf of Iconemesis, I jumped at the chance to replace my grubby, cheap and falling to pieces iPhone case with a much more aesthetically pleasing alternative from their website. Iconemesis have a great range of iPhone cases in creative and unique designs, their Fifi Lapin design has certainly been one frequenting on my Instagram feed, however after browsing through their cases for iPhone’s 5C, 5S and 6, I opted for their Feathers case by Cat Sims for my white iPhone 5S.

I wouldn't normally opt for hard glossy plastic cases as I worry about them scratching the side of my phone and not fitting exactly to the phone itself, however, having had the Cat Sims Feathers case on my iPhone for a couple of weeks now, the case looks in the same condition as when it arrived in the post with no chips, scratches or fading in the design. The price of the cases varies dependent on phone type, though the design I opted for is currently on sale at a reasonably priced £10, reduced from £15, so it’s definitely worth checking out their designs on sale before they sell out!

My phone is no longer homed in a case that’s falling apart but in a high-quality case so if you are looking for a brilliant quality case with a design that’s unique from the high street, I’d urge to you to check out the Iconemesis website and their new designs.

What do you think of the Cat Sims Feathers design? 

Beth x x

*pr sample received by http://iconemesis.co.uk/. for review

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