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Like many I’m sure ( well I hope anyway!) my feet are a part of my beauty routine that are neglected during the winter months yet when the sun decides to show for what is the British summer, I make a mindful  effort to get them into tip top condition for wearing flip flops and sandals - enter CCS Foot Care Cream.

I have tried a handful of foot creams in the past and various other foot care products in my bid for softer and supple feet and this is definitely a product I shall continue to use this season and one that shall be making the cut for my summer holiday.

Although nothing, in my opinion, will ever replace theFootner Exfoliating Socks for leaving your feet soft, supple and banishing extremely dry and cracked skin (tmi- sorry!), this definitely does a great job at improving the condition of your feet.

As a result of using this for a couple of weeks, my feet are still not in their ‘perfect’ state; I still have dry patches and rough skin. In saying this, however, the majority is considerably softer, perhaps due to the 10% Urea in the cream .

I tend to use this overnight, smothering my feet in the cream, putting a pair of fluffy socks on and leaving this to work its magic. You can also apply this twice daily, however I do find that this can be greasy on your feet in doing so, and so tend to avoid this method of application.

It is also worth saying that I have had better results from this than that of Soap and Glory's Heel Genius, so if you are willing to part with an extra couple of pounds and can manage with a mild non-obtrusive foot cream scent versus your typical soap and glory smell then I would definitely give this a try. 

Despite not matching up to the results of the Footner socks, I will definitely continue to use in bid for gradual improvement in my feet in time for my holiday next week.

Have you tried the CCS Foot Care Cream?

Beth x

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