MUA Pro Base Eye Primer Review


I've always fancied trying the Urban Decay Primer Potion, hasn't everyone?, but always wanting to find a cheaper alternative I opted for the MUA Pro Base Eye Primer which unfortunately won't be replacing my need to try the UDPP.
On first swatch the primer, applied using a handy doe-foot applicator, is dispensed as a flesh coloured cream that blends into the colour of your skin. Leaving a smooth and tacky base for your eyeshadow.
The problem with this as it is uneffective, in my eyes, as an eyeshadow primer as my eyeshadow creases when using this, sometimes more obviously than without using this, and it does little to prolong wear of shadows. Even so, I find that once my eyeshadow has creased, that I'll want to remove it anyway.
Instead I like to opt for my Maybelline Colour Tattoos, MAC Bare Study Paint Pot or most recently my Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer to keep my shadows in place all day.
Have you tried the MUA Pro Base Eye Primer?
Beth x

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