Late on the bandwagon: MUA Undressed Palette Review


MUA palettes are constantly raved about but as usual, it was only late last year that I finally gave into the hype whilst browsing in Superdrug that I finally got my hands on the bargain that is the Undressed palette.

Now I'll be honest and say that for the past 9 months this has been sat in a drawer untouched as I was initially underwhelmed. On their own they were far too shimmery, had terrible fallout and weren't buttery and smooth as often raved but chalky and powdery. It was only when I started using this palette properly, about a month ago, that I have been able to change my mind on this. Paired with a tacky eye base, (I have been opting for my Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro on my eyes (probably not the best idea)) the colour sets so much better, doesn't have fall down and lasts all day looking exactly as it did when I applied it at 7 am past 7pm at night. I think the main thing with this palette is it needs a good eye base. If you use a primer the results are much more rewarding than on its own and the colours can really pack a punch.

I have already hit pan on the shadows within the palette, namely the first two on the top row, which is a tad disappointing as I've been using them for such a short space of time but nevertheless for £4 I shan't complain.

Not the best quality eyeshadows I have ever tried, I shall always remain loyal to MAC and UD, however for £4 and with a decent primer the pigmentation and lasting power won't disappoint if you are willing to risk the initial fallout this is a great affordable dupe to the Naked 1 palette.

What are your thoughts on the Undressed Palette?

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  1. These palettes are pretty good for the price, I agree they definitely need a good primer but what a bargain!

    Jennie xo |

  2. I like this one, I have even hit pan on all of the top shadows (and finished the first eye shadow) and couple of the lower ones too! I never use primer and they last all day for me. :)


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