Review // Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer Shampoo and Conditioner*


Having tried both the Garnier Ultimate Blends The Marvellous Transformer shampoo and now the Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer shampoo, I've found myself reaching for the latter the least as unfortunately I have found it unsuitable, once again, for my my hair type.

Unfortunately, due to the Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter in the shampoo it weighs down my thin, mid length hair and leaves it looking greasy soon after washing, meaning that it is necessary to wash it again the next day, which isn't healthy for it.Although it does leave my hair sleek and frizz free on the first day, I don't think this is good for thin hair as it is too heavy and requires you to wash your hair daily or be at risk of having chip pan hair.

In saying this, my sister who has thicker and longer hair loves this and had had much better results that last without looking greasy.It lathers into a great rich lather and smells amazing, like coconut! It is also really affordable and frequently on offer.Overall I feel that this is better for thicker and unruly hair and therefore I shall not be repurchasing for myself.

The conditioner, however, I do like and much like the Marvellous Transformer leaves your hair soft and smooth, smells amazing and the results do last. In saying this I can find it too heavy in my hair of I don't rinse it out and so condition prior to using the shampoo to get the best results.

Overall in trying both the Marvellous Transformer and  Sleek Restorer range from Garnier that their shampoos are best suited for thicker more unruly hair however for thinner hair, the conditioners have worked great for me and I shall definitely try others from the range in the future at such a great price.

Have you tried the Garnier Ultimate Blends range?

Beth xx

See my review of the Marvellous Transformer HERE

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  1. Such a shame you didn't like this. I tried the Marvellous Transformer range and it worked wonders for me. It's great to read an honest review though. xx


  2. I really like this shampoo and conditioner, although when using it, I was not overly impressed as I couldnt get it to lather properly, but once my hair had dried it looked and felt fabulous.


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