Worth the Hype? Maybelline Colour Tatoo in On and On Bronze Review


I resist the blogger hype with most things but the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, especially On and On Bronze, kept popping up and was something that I needed to try. Alas, back in the summer, I gave into the hype and have not been disappointed by this £4.99 wonder.

For the price these really pack a punch. They are highly pigmented yet blend out easily so you can opt for an intense pack of colour or a sheer wash , I usually go for the latter.

Application with these is extremely simple. All you need is your fingers, no brushes necessary, which makes these excellent for travelling with or if you are in a rush. That being said, I often find myself reaching for the RT deluxe crease brush to apply a base of this and then following with one of my MAC eyeshadows, recently All that Glitters has been my colour of choice. This combination not only lasts all day without creasing but also is guaranteed to get you compliments.

Overall I am a huge fan of this as a base for all my eyeshadow and hope that they launch the champagne shade in Boots so I can buy more!

Beth x

£4.99 -Boots

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  1. It looks good! I don't really wear eyeshadows so I don't think I'd give into the hype and purchase, but it does look nice nevertheless x

  2. Love this colour, it looks so pretty! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  3. I really love these cream shadows, especially this shade - it's beautiful! :)


  4. Ooooo I really want this!

  5. I've got a few shades in the Maybelline colour tattoo's, on and on bronze is my favourite but I must admit I wasn't overly impressed with it, especially after I blended out the colour, it was really good to blend with but the colour went quite mucky on me! However, with a simular colour over the top to set it, I loved it! I definitely use this more as a base colour instead of on it's own - I've recently just been brought All That Glitters so I'm excited to try that over the top! Thank you for the recommendation!



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