Monthly Beauty Empties: July 2012 Empties


This month I seem to have gotten through many of my products, 14 in fact, and I now feel very much motivated to go and finish even more next month. This month I have decided to group my products into: Good Products, Bad Products and So so Products. Let me know what you think of this new post layout.

The Good (Products I would repurchase)

Lynx Attract for her - Review Here I love this body spray, it smells great, I works great as a deodorant and keeps you smelling fresh. I would definitely repurchase this.

Boots Extra Large Cotton Pads Review Here I have already repurchased these. I won't be going back to the regular cotton pads because with these I only need one cotton pad to remove a whole face of makeup.

Derma V10 Body Butter- Cheap, Cheerful, Smells great and is just a great body butter ( Available at HomeBargains)

Johnsons Baby Shampoo -  On my hair this causes a flaky scalp but on my brushes this works wonders to remove all the makeup buildup.

The Body Shop Carrot Daily Moisturiser - Some may say this smells unusual but I liked the scent. This left my skin very smooth, didn't irritate my skin and sunk in easily. I would repurchase this.

The Bad ( Products I won't repurchase)
Natural Collection Pressed Powder - This had no pigmentation, it does many swirls of my powder brush to get enough powder for my nose. Although this didn't cost much I still feel for the poor quality and pay off of the powder it was a complete waste of money.

Tesco Tia Active Deodorant -  I didn't even have to finish this product before chucking this away because the spray function broke ( hallelujah!). It smelt bad, it sprayed out as a white powder and just needs leaving alone. I would not go anywhere near this - I can happily say this is the worst deodorant I have ever tried.

The so-so products (Products that are bearable but I wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase)

Proactiv Cleanser Review Here - I tended to use this cleanser as a face scrub every three days. I found this worked well as an exfoliator but less so as a cleanser as it didn't seem to improve my skin.

ProActiv Repairing Treatment Review Here - I used this everyday over the past couple of months. Now I have finished this I have come to realise that this didn't really do much as without it I have the same , possibly less, amount of spots without this as I did with.

Atrixo Hand Cream - This worked for 5 minutes but then after this time my hands just seemed try again. I won't be repurchasing.

Veet Hair Removal Cream - This works quite well at removing hair on my legs however not only does it stink but once I have used this product my legs seem very red and blotchy. I am unsure whether I would repurchase.

Naked Sensitive Scalp Shampoo - I have a very sensitive scalp and when using this I still found that my scalp was sore and flaky. An expensive shampoo that didn't agree with my scalp. I would say that it lathers well and has a pleasant scent.

DermaFit Shower Gel  - Its a shower gel that lathers but isn't anything special.

Body Sanctuary Body Lotion - I can remember the first time I used this I applied a small amount onto my legs and it stung my skin so badly that I immediately had to remove it. Trying this more recently ( and finishing this up) this product still tingled ( something that i'm not too keen on) but wasn't half as painful. This gave my skin moisture but I can't say it performed miracles. I won't be repurchasing but I would use it if I was bought it I would use it.

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  1. lol i seem to have the opposite problem i seem to end up with millions of half used products...much to my other halfs annoyance.....i take up most of the bathroom!! A girls gotta have products!!

    Love the blog...found you via BBU blog hop...come say hi xx


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