Drugstore vs High End Eyeshadow- MAC vs. No7 Eyeshadows


MAC Eyeshadow Swatches
No7 Eyeshadow Swatches

I have decided to start a new mini series which compares some highstreet brands to those that are more expensive and coming to an overall verdict of which I prefer - High-end or High Street? Starting off the series I am going to compare No7 and MAC Eyeshadows.

No7 eye shadows are exclusive to boots and retail for £8 however Boots frequently offer £5 off no7 purchases leaving these at a more purse friendly £3. 

MAC Eyeshadows come at a higher cost of £10 (pan) and £12 (pot)

The pigmentation for No7 Eyeshadows is great, even for the lighter colours. You only need a small amount of product on your brush, or finger, to get a great desired result. These eyeshadows also blend easily and the great quality is consistent throughout all shades. 

The pigmentation for Mac shadows is very similar, however I do find that for some of the shades they have a poorer colour pay-off

For my No7 Eyeshadows ( the ones I have depotted from a No7 crate), once applied, will not smudge and re-application is not required, even without a primer.It is long lasting and will last from early hours in the morning til night-time. 

Unfortunately I do find that MAC eyeshadows will crease and leave lines around my inner crease where the shadow has fades. I do find also that as they are slightly less pigmented they fade quicker than No7 shadows, with and without primer. 

The colour of No7 Eyeshadows is mostly true to what it looks in the pan. No7 offer matte and shimmery colours, rest assured any shimmer will not fall out and cover you with glitter that others often do. 

For MAC shadows I do find the colour swatches is slightly different to shown. They, like No7, offer matte and shimmery colours that, too, do not have fall-out.

Overall I feel that both are good quality products however I feel that No7 shadows are the better of these two. So in this case High Street beats High End.

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  1. These highstreet shades look lovely! Thanks for sharing this because I always use neutral browns and creams and am forever on a budget! :) x

  2. I think MAC is really overrated - a lot of their stuff is really decent, but a lot of the time massively overpriced. It's like the highlighter that was part of their Hey Sailor! collection - it was a blush!!! But was like, £25 or there abouts - not a massive fan of theirs to be honest, I'd take MUA over them most of the time :)

  3. I sometimes wonder how MAC can justify their prices for a eyeshadow! When MUA can sell them for £1 :S so strange!!



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