April Favourites - 2011


Nearing the end of another month I felt its was only right to share what new products I have been loving.

In no particular order:

- Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (51)

(£9.99 RRP)

I cannot tell you how hard it is to find a drugstore foundation pale enough for me. This is one of few and I love it. It is medium - full coverage and leaves you with a dewy glow. Definately one to try.

-Technic Blusher Mousse ( candy pink)


I bought this online and was quite shocked at how bright ( and how possibly unwearable) this was so put it to the side. Rediscovering this I experimented and found that by applying this under my foundation it gives you a lovely subtle flush, perfect for the summer.

-Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

I recieved this as part of a gift set at Christmas. Me being me, I put it to the side as i didn't want to 'ruin it' and delve into the pot. 4 months later I opened the pot and smelt the 'Snow fairy' scent I just had to use this. My lips were left amazingly smooth. I do find this overpriced but there is a lot of product crammed in.

-Natural Collection Vanilla Body Spray

This is the best body spray you could buy. It is great value for money and lasts for ages in the bottle and on your skin. Amazing scent too.

-Strawberry Chapstick

CHAPSTICK is the best type of lip balm you could use. The quality is always consitent and always health more sore dry lips. The Reason I love the strawberry one is how good it tastes. It is amazing! With added SPF too it is even better. I cannot count on my hands how many chapsticks I have got through this year.

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